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Get the Right Auto Glass Repair From Us

The auto glass allows you to see the things outside your car without having to deal with the wind, dust, and other elements. It’s important that the auto glass is always at its top shape all the time. A small crack could damage the entire glass since it’s exposed to different elements. To ensure that you do not have to deal with this problem, you can bring your car to our auto shop in Concord, CA. By turning to Upholstery and Auto Glass by Eric for an auto glass repair, you can be sure that your auto glass is properly repaired.

We Use the Right Materials

The risen that we use when repairing the auto glass is not what you will find in the local stores. We get them from our trusted suppliers and we have been using them for a long time. We know how much materials we need to ensure we are able to cover all the damaged areas.

We Use the Right Procedure

Since we are only repairing a specific area of the glass, we make sure that we do not cause damage to the other parts of the car. We use our time-tested procedures to ensure lasting results. The moment we are done repairing your car, we check the entire auto glass to ensure the repair is complete and it will hold amidst the elements that your car will go through.

We Have Fair Rates

You will be surprised how small the difference is between hiring our auto glass repair service compared to trying to DIY. We are willing to provide warranties for our repairs because we are sure our repairs are going to be done properly. You will get your money’s worth.

If you notice a crack on your auto glass, do not wait for a long time anymore. Bring your car to our auto shop in Concord, CA right away so we can take care of the damage. Call Upholstery and Auto Glass by Eric today at (925) 261-8086 to schedule your visit to the shop.

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